4 dangerous diseases from fermented fish

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27 Jan 2022

4 Dangers from fermented fish, for spicy lovers

      Fermented fish is the key ingredient of the north-eastern food. It has a unique taste and smell. Many people love it, but a lot of people don’t. It is used for papaya salad, fermented crab salad and many more. However, this spicy ingredient might bring you some health issues as well.

Fermented fish are made by fermenting fresh fish with salt and dried rice for 4-5 months before using it to cook. The important part of fermenting a food is the hygiene in every step.

Diseases and risks from fermented fish

      As mentioned above, a good hygiene is important for fermented food. Consuming too much fermented fish can lead to the following

  1. Kidney Diseases
         Even though fermented fish is a good source of proteins. It also contains a high amount of sodium which can directly impact your kidney. Kidney is an organ that filters waste from the body. If the body has too much waste, the kidney also works harder. If this trend continues for a long time. Kidney diseases can probably happen.

  2. High blood pressure
         Another disease alongside the kidney diseases is high blood pressure, especially heart and brain ones. If any of you who already at risk, you should avoid consuming fermented fish in a regular basis

  3. Parasitic Disease
         Fermented fish are made from raw fish fermented with salt, mostly freshwater fish. These fish live in their natural habitat and may contain worms. To consume it safely, you should cook it properly before eating, or you risk getting yourself parasites otherwise.

  4. Cancer
         Fermented fish contains “Nitrosamines” which is cancer inducive. If consumed is a large amount it can build up and lead to cancer in places like the kidney and digestive systems.

How to safely eat fermented fish

      Hygiene is number one priority in safely eating fermented fish. We can make sure of this by

  • Choose and ask the store for the procedures before purchasing
  • Before using the fermented fish. Heat it up to 90 degrees celsius for 5 minutes
  • Do not eating fermented fish regularly or reduce risks
  • Buying prepared meal with certified symbol from Food and Medicine organization

Fermented fish is a favorite for many. Consume in a reasonable amount and heat it up before preparing a meal.


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