7 low-calorie fruits for weight loss

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28 Jan 2022

7 fruits to help lose weight

      Fruits contain high vitamins and minerals. Many people choose fruits during their diets because they provide less sugar while keeping them full. A good selection of fruits to help lose weight are as follows.

What are the fruits for weight loss?
  1. Dragon fruit
          Dragon fruit does not taste too sweet, usually consumed at dinner. It contains high fiber that helps with the digestive system. It also provides a lot of antioxidants that help with aging and skin.

  2. Watermelon
          Full of juice, watermelon is a good choice to take during a diet. It tastes sweet but provides low energy. It makes you full for longer while providing fiber and helps with excess fat.

  3. Guava
          Guava is a good choice to lose weight. It is easy to eat. It keeps you full. It also has great textures and tastes good while providing a high amount of vitamin C that helps with the immune system as well.

  4. Green Apple
          Green apple tastes sweet and sour, contains low energy and packed with vitamins, potassium, fibers and also keeps you full for a long time

  5. Pineapple
          A pineapple contains high vitamin C and a lot of juice that helps with the digestive system. Research has shown that pineapple helps reduce the cholesterol level effectively too.

  6. Avocado
          Avocados are recommended by many. They are packed with antioxidants, vitamin C B A and E and also containing non saturated fat which helps burn excessive fat.

  7. Orange
          Easily eaten and provides high fiber. A 100 grams of orange only provides 47 calories worth of energy. A perfect choice for a diet.

Conclusion for fruit to help lose weight

      Anyhow, if you are on a diet, you should consider other sources of food other than fruits alone. Consuming all groups of food is important to maintain good health. Good rest and exercise are also important.



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