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      Our pediatric care services are provided by a team of experienced pediatricians and medical professionals that integrates children’s mental and physical well-being into primary care. With our achievement of the Hospital Accreditation (HA) for inpatient care, parents can be confident that our Pediatrics Department will provide expert pediatric care and bring those smiles back to children, simultaneously improving their mental and physical health which play a significant role in their development.

      In addition to pediatric care, we provide a comprehensive array of services for pediatric patients, from newborns to children aged 15 years. Our services include holistic pediatric health care and pediatric consultations that are readily available 24 hours a day. Parents can therefore have a peace of mind, knowing that their child will be in excellent hands and receive the care he/she deserves.



  • Pediatric care, diagnosis, treatment, and immunization for pediatric patients, from newborns to children aged 15 years
  • Pediatric diagnosis, covering a range of illnesses from common illnesses to critical illnesses that require intensive treatment and close monitoring
  • Pediatric treatment through the use of medicines and medical devices that are effective and efficient
  • Free ambulance service for pediatric patients in Nakhon Ratchasima municipality
  • Free pediatric health consultation, available 24 hours a day


      Open daily, 24 hours a day

Contact Information 

      Pediatrics Department, 4th Floor, Ratchasima Hospital

      Telephone : 044 263 777-84 ext. 400 and 062 201 5615

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Soontaree Euapakorn, Md.

Euapakorn, Md.

Pediatrics Department

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Healthy III Check-up

Health Check-up Packages

Healthy III Check-up

Health Checkup Package for women above 35 years of age
4,200 Baht
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Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

General Surgery Packages

Hemorrhoidectomy Surgery

Days 2 Nights Stay in a Private Superior room
40,000 Baht
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Gold face mask

Beauty packages

Gold face mask

Concentrated gold mask. Special formula at Ratchasima Hospital.Urgent facial care Make your face clear from the first time you use it. Solve shabby skin problems, reduce blemishes, reduce dark spots, help absorb dirt and control oiliness on the face.
299 Baht
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