Love Your Health Check-up

Health Check-up Packages



No.Diagnostic Test Diagnostic Test
1Physical ExaminationPE
2Complete Blood Count Complete Blood Count
3HBsAg HBsAg
4Anti-HCV Anti-HCV
6Blood Group Blood Group
7RH Blood Group Blood Group
10Osmotic Fragility Test Osmotic Fragility Test
12Anti-rubella Anti-Rubella
 Regular Price 2,500
 Promotion Price 2,000


  • Please refrain from consuming all food and drinks except plain water for 8-12 hours prior  to your health checkup.
  • Ratchasima Hospital reserves the right to adjust the prices of our treatments and  procedures or any information at any time without prior notice.

Validity period : -

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Gold face mask

Beauty packages

Gold face mask

Concentrated gold mask. Special formula at Ratchasima Hospital.Urgent facial care Make your face clear from the first time you use it. Solve shabby skin problems, reduce blemishes, reduce dark spots, help absorb dirt and control oiliness on the face.

299 Baht
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Eye Surgery

Eye Surgery Packages

Eye Surgery

Do not let an eye condition cause you or your beloved one an eternal darkness.

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Plastic Surgery

Plastic Surgery Packages

Plastic Surgery

Ratchasima Hospital offers various packages and promotions for a range of health care services corresponding to your needs

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